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Preparing your car for a dyno appointment is crucial to having a productive and satisfying visit to the shop. Most of the work is done to make sure your car is in tip top shape. For one, ensuring the car is freshened up and will help you get the best reading possible from the dyno pulls. Second, you are going into a shop owner’s prized room. Rolling in with leaks or mechanical issues not only affects your results, but it leaves a mess! Be mindful that someone will have to clean up the spill and that may end up being an additional charge.

The best thing you can do to prepare for your dyno tuning session is to build a checklist. And first up—give that ride a good tune. Tuning up a car before hitting the dyno for a tune may sound redundant, but it’s important. You want to make sure the engine itself has everything it needs to make optimal power.

Start with your plugs. Make sure they’re the right ones and that they’re fresh and properly gapped. You will also want to check that fuel filters, air filters, and oil filters are in good shape. You’ll be pushing your car to the limit—don’t starve it of valuable resources. Also, make sure all moving parts are in proper working condition and are good and clean.

Belts and Hoses
While you’re prepping the engine, take a look at the belts and hoses. In fact, you’re probably better off replacing them with brand new pieces. The fact is, a dyno tuning session is hard on the engine and any weak points will be exposed—in the worst possible way. By making sure the belts and hoses are in good shape, you are at less of a risk of popping or busting them.

Fresh oil in the engine, transmission, and the differential can all impact the dyno reading. Additionally, fresh fluids are much safer for the operating system as it is put to the test. Make sure any leaky plugs and gaskets are fixed before you head out. Also, it’s wise to check that the gas in the tank is abundant and fresh. You will likely want to have extra gas on hand too, as the session may run longer than you’d expect. Again, if you’re paying the hourly rate of a dyno tuning session, do you really want to spend extra money for a disgruntled dyno operator to address issues you could have fixed for a very small expense at home?

The tires are in direct contact with the rollers that give you the reading. So ideally, you should run performance tires with wide contact for better traction. However, this isn’t the real issue. Dyno operators can address tires that lose traction. What they can’t adjust for are neglected tires sporting poor quality rubber. Popping a tire on a dyno run can be just as deadly as popping one at speed on the highway, and should be taken very seriously. Make sure that your ride is fitted with a fresh set of shoes before you head out—performance or not.

The last item on your dyno tuning session checklist should be preparing to make changes to the car on site. Be sure to bring extra spark plugs, belts, and any other items you may feel will fail while on the dyno. You never know what may happen, so its better to just be prepared. 

 Additionally, if you want to test out a few different features or settings for your ride, make sure you have what you need to do so. Don’t expect the tuner to do research on your car or handle the mods for you. If you want to run a few different variables, have the resources on hand and be prepared to make the changes. 

Have the Right Attitude
Prepping for a dyno tuning session can be a little stressful, which is why having a checklist will keep you on track. Because, truthfully, it’s completely worth the time and investment. These sessions ensure your car is running at the top of its game. A proper dyno tune can make a car perform and feel much faster. With a good session, you can pinpoint the vehicle’s operating characteristics in power pulls and bounce ideas off the tuner on how to achieve increases.

Going in prepared will help you look like a considerate professional—the type of customer that we love to help. Remember, you get what you give, and you’re going to have to mentally prepare yourself for someone else to floor your baby as you watch!

For exotic vehicles, please call for tuning pricing. 


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