Nissan CAN Gateway + Flex Fuel Kit GT-R 2008-2018

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The Nissan CAN Gateway + Flex Fuel Kit combines our CAN Gateway Module, Nissan CAN Flex Fuel Kit, and the Nissan Gateway Harness And Bracket Kit.

Combining these components allows for the most graceful and straight-forward Flex Fuel implementation for supported Nissan GT-Rs.


Ethanol is like affordable race gas right from the pump! But you can't always run it in your car and sometimes the percentage can fluctuate from pump to pump by surprisingly large margins. Flex Fuel allows you to custom tune your GTR with an Accessport for any ratio of Ethanol or normal 91/93 octane fuel and the tune will adjust all on it's own as you drive.

In the past, adding custom sensors to your Accessport-supported vehicle required highjacking of one of the car's factory 0-5v sensors. The COBB CAN Gateway allows users to inject aftermarket sensor data to the car's ECU without taking over existing inputs. This means you are able to add features such as Flex Fuel to a car without having to remove any factory functionality.


Nissan CAN Gateway + Flex Fuel Kit GT-R 2008-2018
  • CAN Gateway Module
  • Nissan GT-R Gateway Harness and Bracket Kit
  • Nissan GT-R CAN Flex Fuel Kit
  • No need to remove or hijack inputs from OEM sensors
  • No interference with federally required emissions devices