Nissan CAN Gateway Harness And Bracket Kit LHD/RHD GT-R 2008-2018

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This is the vehicle-specific harness needed to inject data from the COBB CAN Gateway into your Nissan GT-R's CAN bus. Available with a Gateway Mounting Bracket specific to RHD or LHD cars for straight-foward installation. The harness consists of M12 industrial connections at the Gateway and an OEM grade connector for the vehicle-side. High-Temp PUR jackets and anti-chafe sleeving ensure the harness is protected in the engine bay.


In the past, adding custom sensors to your Accessport-supported vehicle required highjacking of one of the car's factory 0-5v sensors. The COBB CAN Gateway allows users to inject aftermarket sensor data to the car's ECU without taking over existing inputs. This means you are able to add features such as Flex Fuel or Fuel Pressure Safety to a car without having to remove any factory functionality.

Nissan CAN Gateway Harness And Bracket Kit GT-R 2008-2018
  • 2008-2018 Nissan GT-R Specific Harness
  • Specific Bracket for RHD or LHD Vehicles
  • OEM Grade Vehicle-Side Connectors
  • M12 Industrial Connections to Gateway Module
  • High-Temp PUR Jackets and Anti-Chafe Sleeving